ColourPop Eye Shadow Review

As a makeup addict living in the UK, I tend to find myself gravitating towards the more affordable makeup brands from the USA! It’s as if because it is harder to find over here, the more it appeals to me.

ColourPop was no exception to this. The eye shadows are well-known for the affordability and pigmentation which exceeds its price range. When I spoke to any one with an interest in make up, I found that they would recommend the ColourPop eye shadows for both beginners and pro’s! For the outstanding price of $18 for a set of 4 eye shadows I thought I may as well give them a try, despite having to wait a couple of days extra as ColourPop isn’t available from anywhere in the UK.


The delivery time of this package was about 12 days. Once it arrived with my local post distributor I was informed I had a £25 customs charge on top of the price I had already paid for the goods. This is quite annoying but it is to be expected when ordering from over seas
. The packaging was quite similar to Kylie Cosmetics. The box opened up and had foam wrap around the products and then the make up was neatly stacked inside along with a delivery note/picking note and a cute little ‘thank you’ card! The products were protected well and their was no damage to anything.



I ordered a couple of different things from Colourpop but I feel that the eye shadows should be focused on primarily and I shall write about the other purchasesshimmer at a later date! (Some where in the near future any way.) So, I ordered the ‘KaePop’ and ‘Zingara’ sets of four individual ‘super shock shadow’ pots. I also bought a blush in the shade ‘Bardot’ which is a red/copper shimmer which I thought would look gorgeous as an eye shadow rather than a blush (see pic).


The KaePop set included the following:

  • Wilshire (matte)
  • Beverly (matte)
  • Crenshaw (matte)
  • Sunset blvd (pearlized)

Zingara consisted of:

  • Paradox (satin)
  • Elixir (matte)
  • Seeker (matte)
  • Jinxie (pearlized)

Both sets of four work together well as they are made up of similar colour theme’s.

My initial thoughts of the matte and satin shadows were that they were pigmented but could be made to be a subtle as you wished. They are easy to blend and to this day I use these on a regular basis bearing in mind I have had these since September last year and I am yet to hit pan on any of the matte shades.


                            Shades (left -right)    Jinxie, Sunset blvd, Wilshire, Crenshaw, Beverly, Seeker, Paradox, Elixir and Bardot.

The pearlized shades, I thought were a lot more creamier than the matte/satin shades and after a while I found that they started to crack in their pots. This didn’t really bother me because this didn’t affect the use of the shadows at all. They are extremely pigmented and I have hit pan on both shades as I use them almost daily.

The first time I used the pearlized shadows, I applied it onto the eye lid with a ‘stubby shader’ brush from Spectrum. The colour pay off was good, slight fall out but I was happy with it. The next time I came to applying, I decided to pack it on the lid with my finger…and honestly this is the way I have applied these ever since! I found that there was a reduced fall out with this technique and that the shadow would look more shimmer-y. The swatches (shown in pic) are from one dry swipe and the pigmentation speaks for its self.

My over all thoughts on the ColourPop eye shadows are as follows; I would definitely purchase these again, I think the price of these shadows are really inexpensive and it is a shame that the only way to purchase them in the UK includes having to wait 12 days. I would rate these – 8/10 (matte, satin & pearlized.)

I can’t wait to share my thoughts on the remaining products I purchased along side the eye shadow’s soon!



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