Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit ‘Gleam’ Review

There is no better feeling than adding a pop of highlight to a make up routine that seems to bring it all together. The satisfaction of catching your highlighted cheek bones in the mirror immediately sending a smug, satisfied smile to your face. Knowing for a fact that your highlight is bright enough to blind your worst enemy.

Anastasia Beverly Hills have received reputable feedback from people within beauty industry/community, and with good reason. From their brow products to their eye shadow palette’s, everything seems to be raved about. So, when I found out about the ‘Glow Kit’ range, I just had to see what the fuss was about!  I mean, what isn’t there to love about 4 amazing shades to get perfectly glowing skin?

(Left-right)Mimosa, Crushed Pearl, Star Burst.


So, I sourced my Glow Kit from ‘Cult Beauty’ for £39.00 in the palette shade ‘Gleam’. I chose this palette as I am quite pale and thought I would be able to get the most use out of the colours within this palette as they would suit my skin tone.


Once I had opened the Cult Beauty packaging, the ABH Glow Kit was wrapped in tissue paper and was inside a slide cover with the signature ABH logo and the shades on the back with some product info. I thought that the packaging was OK –  I was surprised there was no damage to any of the highlighters.

The product:

As soon as the kit got delivered, I just couldn’t wait to try it out! The first shade I tried was ‘Crushed Pearl.’ This shade is best described as “pearlescent pink with a frosty finish.” and because of the frosted finish, this shade stood out to me the most. I instantly fell in love with this shade, I found that the formula isn’t too ‘chalky’ and you can create anything from a natural glow to a radiant shine!

Then, is the shade ‘Starburst’ which is a “iridescent neutral pink with cool undertones.”  I mainly use this shade when I wear blusher and I want to add a subtle glow to my cheeks. I don’t really like using this anywhere else on my face just because of the pink-ish tone to it, but that is just down to my personal preference. This shade is buildable to the sheen you desire.

‘Mimosa’ is perfect for using if you have a tan or when highlighting the upper cheek area towards your bronzer. I found that this “metallic peach with golden undertones.” perfect for the summer months, but too dark when I’m my normal paler-skinned self. I can’t wait to be able to wear this shade again as it is extremely pigmented just as the other 3 shades and it finishes a more ‘natural’ summer look off perfectly.

Lastly, ‘Hard Candy’ which is most probably my least favourite shade of them all. This is solely down to having a harsher pink tone than ‘Starburst’ and I feel because my skin has pink undertones (which I try hard to counteract) this highlighter just doesn’t suit my skin tone as it is “golden peach with a pink pearl shimmer.”

Over all, I absolutely loved this palette. I do think it’s a bit expensive but you have to bear in mind that this palette is refillable ans the highlighters can be removed if you wanted to. I would rate the individual shades the following:

  • Crushed Pearl – 8/10
  • Mimosa – 8/10
  • Starburst – 7/10
  • Hard Candy – 7/10

I can’t wait to purchase more ABH cosmetics and see if they live up to the high expectations as this palette certainly did!



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