Morphe 35T Palette Review

Morphe 35T Palette – Review

Morphe, creators of affordable make up products since 2009. Early last year , I found that a lot of my fellow make up addicts were branding the Morphe eye shadow palettes their ‘holy grail’…so after months of reading reviews and seeing the end product once applied, I decided to see for myself!

I purchased the 35T palette as I thought I would get the most use out of all of the colours and for the price, I thought if I don’t like the quality of the product…it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

On the 13th of June 2016, I ordered my palette from an online Morphe stockist called Cult Beauty. The price of £20.75 seemed like a bargain as you get 35 gorgeous shimmer and matte shades which enables you to create endless looks for any occasion.


The delivery of the products was quick as it got to me 3 days after I placed the order. The packaging of the product was excellent. Inside of the Cult Beauty box the palette lay inside some bubble wrap and  a cover branding ‘Morphe’ with the signature red ‘M’. Once I had removed the layer of bubble wrap and the outside packaging, the palette was inside a second pocket of bubble wrap. I was really impressed with this as I feel that eye shadows break extremely easily, especially when being loaded onto a van with other goods. I felt that the people at Morphe and Cult Beauty really made a point in ensuring their products are eliminated from damage in transit.

The product

Swatches of my favourite shimmer shades with and without flash.

The size of the palette is perfect, the pans of the eye shadows are a good size (my palette is 6 months old and has been used a lot, and I still haven’t hit pan on any shades yet!). The only down fall is that there is no mirror, even though I feel the packaging is big enough. I know including a mirror would make the palette slightly more expensive but that was the only feature I feel could be improved. I also thought that the shades on the palette should have been named, I prefer this when I am doing a make up look just so I am able to identify each individual shade, but that’s just down to personal preference. The consistency of the shimmer eye shadows are creamy and buildable for any desired look. The satin & matte shades are easy to blend and again can be built to be as subtle or as defined as you wish. Over all, the shades are extremely pigmented and for the price of the product they exceeded my expectations. The palette is advertised as a ‘Taupe’ palette which I agree with as the shadows are quite neutral with mainly brown based colours.

Over all, I would rate the products the following;

Satin shades – 9/10

Matte shades – 9/10

Shimmer shades – 9.5/10

The shimmer shades receive a higher score as I feel that the consistency of the shadow is creamier and slightly more pigmented than all of the matte and satin shades in this palette.

I look forward to sharing any future experiences with ‘Morphe’ with you x



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