Kylie Cosmetics Review

Kylie Cosmetics – Review.

Kylie Jenner’s empire of liquid lip kits launched in 2016, leaving makeup addicts all over the world wanting and needing the latest product. As I am based in the UK, when Kylie released her Lip Kits, I genuinely thought that i’d have no chance in getting my hands on ANYTHING. This was down to constantly missing out on products due to low stock levels!

September 1st, 2016. I placed my first Kylie Cosmetics order which consisted of two lip kits (liquid lipstick and lip liner) which came to the grand total of $72.95 (£57.33)! Fast forward to 15th September and I am left with a ‘failed to deliver’ note..I was hit with a £25.00 import charge! Admittedly, I could have looked into the charges before I ordered the products but I was too excited to have any second thoughts, first lesson learned! So at this point I had already spent over £80.00 so I was pretty much praying that these products would be worth the splurge.


I was satisfied with the packaging of the products. From the outside, it looked like a normal box, once opened it had ‘KYLIE’ with the famous drip effect. I thought this was a nice touch! Inside the box were the products, a ‘thank you’ note and packing list.The lip kits are covered in a thick foam which was enough for the two lip kits, but if I ordered more products, such as an eye shadow palette I don’t think this would prevent any damage. But, for this purchase it served it’s purpose.

The products

The two lip kits I purchased are quite similar in colour, yet completely different (if that makes any sense). Dirty Peach is advertised aswatchess a mid-tone yellow peach.” which I feel is accurate. Whereas, Ginger is best described as “a warm terracotta brown.”

Both lip kits have a matte finish and are extremely pigmented. I didn’t feel as if they were streaky at all and both had the same consistency. The smell how ever, I found overpowering to begin with but it does lessen to become quite pleasant. Throughout the day, the smell does fade and become unnoticeable. I found the liquid lipstick to be long wearing but does begin to flake and require reapplication after a few hours for both shades.

Overall, I was impressed with the products and would definitely purchase from Kylie Cosmetics again in the future! I would rate the products as follows;

‘Dirty Peach’ – 8.5/10

‘Ginger’ – 8/10

The reason behind ‘Dirty Peach’ being slightly higher than ‘Ginger’ is solely down to my personal preference in shade!

I look forward to sharing my future experiences in regards to Kylie Cosmetics!

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